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Wakeup, breakfast, dress up the kids, drive them to school, go to work, work, have lunch, leave work, pick up the kids, do the homework, prepare dinner.

Kiss your hubby, wife, partner, etc. Share all the chores.

In whatever order.

How busy is your life? You run everywhere. You have so much on your mind. You are needed everywhere. How close are you to lose it all?

So close!

Like all of us!

Kicking ass is tiring. Even when your partner is here to help. Even when he or she does 50%. We can always dream.

What we can 100% do however is taking some time off. Yes, Off. Nope, not while the kids are on holiday. Nope, not with the partner. See where I am getting at? With your girls, yes! Gather the squad and organize some nice gateway for a couple of days.

Over a weekend if you want. Have your partner to take care of the kids and the house. Or take a few days off work, your care, some kicks outfits and off you go!

Where to you may ask?

Not to worry, Fee Marraine is here to help with a few ideas!

  1. A spa weekend

  2. A cocktail master class

  3. A night out

  4. A weekend in Paris

  5. A weekend in any other city

  6. A day out shopping

  7. A ski weekend

  8. A wine tasting weekend

  9. A road trip

  10. A yoga retreat

  11. A night at the theater

  12. A perfume making master class

  13. A vinery bike trip

  14. A weekend to Disneyworld

  15. A skydiving experience

15 is a good number, don’t you think? We think so too.

So, have you decided? What is it gonna be?

Are you already calling your girlfriends and organizing that weekend of fun, away from your partner and the kids? And you’d be right to do so! God knows you deserve it!

We would recommend a vinery tour along with a wine tasting! Who does not like wine? Especially when it is served with good cheese and grapes?!

Thank us later!

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