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Beautiful Nursery Inspirations To Create The Prettiest Space For Your Baby

So, you are about to have a baby. Or you already gave birth and just didn’t have time to think about it before. BUT…both the baby and you should really have your own space. Preferably this space is not in your room, or the living room either, of course. No, a proper room. Which we are going to call a nursery during the first two or three years of your little one’s life.

So, how is this nursery going to be?

There are many things to think about. No, not the gender of the baby. Let’s not fall into the antiquated gender roles spiral and get all pink for the princess or all blue for the pirate shall we. After all, both Supergirl and Superman wear red AND blue. Let’s be a bit more creative and open-minded. Now back to the point. The thing you need to think about first is the space you have and how to occupy it properly with furniture.

Are you getting a clearer picture?


Well, not to worry, we are here to help! We’ve researched and picked up five beautiful unisex nurseries to help fill you with inspiration. Big or small spaces, neutral or colourful, simple or all decked out, we’ve got something for everyone!

























































Did this help? Can you picture a beautiful nursery for your baby?

We also have to admit something…we might do this a bit for ourselves too. Because, let’s be honest, these are just too pretty for colour tv and we’ll be sharing them on Instagram too.

Just more beauty for the eyes.


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