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Yes, we know, the holidays are over. Who travels on Christmas anyway? A lot of people actually. Back to the point. The holidays are indeed over. Yet, that does not mean we can’t think about the next one. Or even start planning it. You never know, it might come earlier than expected.

So, those holidays…

Where would you go?

You have kids, right? Maybe one or two. Or more. Maybe you have babies or toddlers. Even teenagers maybe. But let’s imagine you only have small kids. They are basically the worse. They need constant supervision, worry and occupation. This holiday is as much for you as it is for them so you need to find a destination where you will find activities that will keep you and them busy.

They get awed at the museum, you enjoy the silence. They play on the playground, you enjoy a book on a bench. They discover new food at the restaurant, you enjoy food that someone else cooked for you. WIN-WIN, am I right?

So, where could you go?

Not to worry! We’re here to help! We’ve selected five of the best cities where you and your kids (and also your other-half) will have a blast!


Museums, playgrounds, parks, long walks, London has all you need to entertain young visitors. And you too. Whether you visit in Summer or in Winter, London always offers some cool things to do: Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park or the Christmas Market on Leicester Square in winter, food and cultural festivals in summer. Another win, pretty much all the museums are free so you won’t have to spend a lot on keeping your kids entertained. Science, cars, history, fashion, art, there is something for everyone!


Amsterdam seems to be a must-see for all young adults. Coffee shops, shopping, beautiful sight-seeing, the perfect place indeed. You probably have already visited. Now you can do it with your kids. The city is known to be the most easy-going for families. Why not go on a bike-ride along the river, book a tour on a boat or visit some museums? You could even squeeze in a trip to Efteling, Europe’s best under 8s entertainment park!


All roads should lead to Rome. Here you go. The city has everything you could wish for: ancient history (museums, colosseum, circus), worldwide renowned cuisine (and rather cheap at that) and stunning beauty (that will leave awed even the grumpiest travelers). Your kids will love eating their weight in pizza and gelato! And you will too! Because it is just so good. And you might all even learn a few things on the Roman empire!


Scandinavian countries are known to be the most advanced in gender equality and most family-friendly countries in the world. Thus, no surprise, Stockholm is heaven for kids and has everything to lure them! Colorful houses that seem right out of a cartoon, strolls by the royal palace or amusement parks, small ones will love it! And because traveling would be worthless without good food, we advise you to try these delicious cinnamon and cardamon buns!


When thinking about France, everyone thinks of Paris. Just so you know, France has many amazing cities, one of which being Lyon. Hidden in the south east of France, it is one you don’t want to miss. Famous for its Light Festival in December, it is also renowned for its amazing food (saucisson, praline pie, sausages, and so many others – world food capital my friends), beautiful colorful buildings and it is also where cinema was invented (by the Lumière brothers)! The giant Tête d’Or parc is great for a stroll or a bike ride (which you can also do along the river bank) or… to see animals as the park is also a zoo (free of charge at that).

Have we convinced you? Or at least helped you? Are you already booking those flights?

We’re telling you, you will not regret traveling to these five cities! And your kids will love them too!

Happy travel!

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