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Mum, Dad, I am bored.”

We have all heard that sentence before. We have also said it when we were younger.

How did you deal with the situation? Many parents become full-time entertainers and end up spending an entire day focusing just on their children, while they could have been doing other (and sometimes more important) things.

So what is it with boredom that scares us so much? Here are five reasons why letting you kids be bored is actually good for them!

1. Boredom is good for creativity

When your kids get passed the frustration of boredom, they will discover creative ways to deal with it. As a result, they will become more inventive. Bored children will let their mind wander to unexpected places, will start to daydream, will use their imagination and will feel that awesome sense of discovery. This means that they can think freely and their is no limit to what imagination can do. Which is a really positive and essential mindset for later, in their career for example.

2. Boredom develops passions

Boredom forces you to look inward and outward. It compels you to try new things, and it ultimately helps you find your passion. Keeping your kids busy at all time will prevent them from focusing on other things they love and that they could actually be really good at. If they are bored, they will eventually go back to things they have always been interested in but never had time for, develop them, and make them a significant part of their life. Whether it is studying insects, drawing, reading books or making flower crowns. You never know, that could lead to a future career.

3. Boredom turns your kids into interesting people

An old proverb says: “Only boring people get bored.” This is one of the most important life lessons a child can learn. If we keep our kids busy at all time, they will never learn how to entertain themselves. Let them be bored. Let them learn how to handle themselves. Let them develop their own interests, discover new things, and build their own personality. That’s how they will become interesting people!

4. Boredom makes them learn

It is usually when kids are left alone to play together that they learn the 4C’s: communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking. Which are skills educators and later employers are looking for. When left completely alone, kids will let their mind wander, try new things and discover. They will come up with inventive ideas and solutions to problems. They will also learn motivation and self-reliance: they need to do things by themselves and have to make things happen if they want something.

5. Boredom is good for you too

Boredom is great for your kids for all it teaches them. But most importantly, it is also great for you! If they are busy by themselves, you will have some time for yourself. Time that you can spend working on something you love, develop a passion or with your spouse! Focusing on parenting 24/7 does nothing good for your relationship. It will only make you anxious and stressed, which can affect your kids. Spend quality time with your other-half. If you are happy, your kids are happy. If you are happy, your relationship is too.

Will you let them be bored now?

And take some well-deserve time off from parenting to spend with your spouse?

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