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We all have been kids. Some of us longer than others. It does not matter how old we are, we all come up with ideas that, after execution, turn out to be pretty stupid. Sometimes catastrophic. We also did stupid things as kids. Our parents made sure we would not forget. But we still did. Which is why we never thought that our own kids would have the same kind of ideas. We’ve been young once but we tend to forget. Here is one last reminder before your house turns inside down.

Playing Picasso on the walls
Kids are energetic, imaginative and creative. They need to express themselves, have this energy out. And let’s be honest, you love to be amazed by your kids’ poor drawing skills. You’re always down to encourage art expression, we got it. As long as it happens on white paper. Not when it happens on that white wall in your room you just finished painting. It barely had time to dry and now it is already decorated with some abstract art. You keep smiling, but inside you feel like you’re about to crawl up into a little ball and let someone else do the “adulting” today.

Testing the “no tears” shampoo
Back in the days, and probably still today, some really wise beauty and cosmetics companies decided to create a “no tears” shampoo. Because kids tend to put everything they find either in their mouth or in their eyes. And bath time would not be as enjoyable if these littles geniuses were crying because their eyes are stinging. Thus, this “no tears” shampoo sounded like a good idea. Until your kid decided to play scientist and test if truly, this shampoo in their eyes would not sting. Shame. It actually did. And loads of tears ensued.

Flushing Nemo down the toilet
Remember all these cartoons where we see kids flushing their gold fish, turtle or baby crocodile down the toilets? Well, this might have given your kids some kind of despicable ideas. No, little ones, flushing Nemo down the toilet won’t give it its freedom back and it won’t be happily swimming in the ocean. The only thing that will happen is that the fish will no longer be. And no, crocodiles don’t live in the drains. And if they did, they’d eat Nemo anyway so don’t flush it down the toilet. The fish loves its little aquarium for sure!

Experimenting the garden’s cuisine
Nature is amazing. Gifts everywhere. Flowers, fruits, herbs, dust. So many ingredients to make a lot of interesting and intriguing dishes. Edible though? We would not be able to say. So, yes, watching your little ones cooking in the garden is lovely. We encourage creative activities and we are fine as long as we don’t get involved too much. No tasting please, for us. And for you too. Because dust does not taste very good.

Trying to fly like Peter Pan
Peter Pan is amazing: he has is own island, commands his own little private army, never grows up and gets to fly. So we get why kids want to be like him. Minus the green tights. Do you guys want to know a secret? What makes Peter Pan so cool is actually, Tinkerbell. Yes, that little lovely fairy following him everywhere he goes. Just because she is the one providing him with an infinite source of fairy dust that allows him to fly. And you don’t have that fairy dust. So jumping from the branch of a tree and from the roof of your house won’t make you fly. You’ll just break your legs. And cry.

Kids are amazing. They are programmed to explore their surroundings and experience. Thus, no surprise they will have a lot of ideas and try them straight away. Some good, some bad, most of them bad. But that’s part of growing up. And all new parents should know about it.

Just a tip, make sure the felt pens are out of reach.

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