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I know it sounds like an STI, but take my hand on this journey whilst I explain why it’s something that you DO want.

“What the hell is an SVBC, and am I sure I want one?” To answer your questions, out of order because that’s the only way to truly answer questions, “Yes, you want one,” and it stands for “Sexy Visible Belly Curve.”

It appears after giving birth and whilst it’s formal, albeit clinical, name is diastasis recti and women work very hard to get rid of it, I’m suggesting why would we want to get rid of it?

There are all sorts of workouts on the market that aim to rid you of this evidence of one of our rites of passage and my response to that is jazz hands (like V does). Actually, scratch that. I say refuse to acquiesce to social mores that shame us into submission, by putting on some of NWA’s greatest hits and flip the bird at anyone who tells you that you should put on Spanx because you’ve got an SVBC.

I worked hard for 9 months to get this sexy curve and I’ll be damned if some baby (my baby just in case you’re wondering who I’m referring to) is going to have the cheek to be born, thus ruining the social acceptance that comes with having my belly. I don’t want to have to get knocked up every time I want to feel good about my changed body.

Thus, I’ve decided to embrace it. I’ve decided to look at this curve and larger butt and channel Marilyn Monroe. I’ve decided to find it sexy and look at it as something less like how I’d look at hemrrhoids, or an equally regrettable occurrence, and more like something I’m proud of.

Here’s a photo of my idol, Ms. Monroe.

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