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Here you are : nine months of pregnancy, feeling tired all the time, hosting a mini you in your belly and craving weird foods. Not that this is completely over. A baby is a full-time job so you probably will be as tired as you were during pregnancy. But you won’t have weird cravings anymore. Your body might still bear the marks of your pregnancy, that you may want to lose. Here are our best tips for you to say goodbye to your baby belly fat!

1. Do a lot of walking

Walking has a lot of amazing benefits. Furthermore, it is an exercise that is more natural and enjoyable than running. You will be able to say goodbye to the feeling as if you’re going to faint, which comes with running. It is also better for your back ; and lord knows you’ll still need back strength for picking up your little one(s). This is something that you can do on a regular basis: a stroll with the baby, walk the dog, walk to the shop. You can lose up to 150 calories per hour just walking. I used to say that I lost that amount by just running my mouth, but I’m no expert. Other great benefits include improved mood (to deal with your husband most likely), enhanced creativity (to create fun activities for your mini you), and reduced risk of developing a chronic disease.

2. Do some aerobics, pilates or yoga

There are many exercises you can do to lose your baby belly fat. Choose the ones that fit your body best. If you were already exercising before your pregnancy, doing yoga or pilates, you might want to get back to these. You already know how they work so it’s going to be easier for you. If you’re like me, and the only form of exercise you did was to run for the train, then you’ll need to start slow. Remember, that the skin on your tummy has been stretched during your pregnancy so, even though you must exercise all parts of you body, you will concentrate on your abs and your pelvic zone. Do the Dia Method,™ kegels, pelvic tilts, and stay away from sit-ups, and the like. Take it slow and ask a trainer at the gym, who is specialized in postpartum body, if needed.

3. Don’t stop eating

Do not, under any circumstances, or skip meals. Do not starve yourself, especially if you are breastfeeding. Skipping meals will have two influence on your body, except sending it into starvation mode – you’ll actually gain weight in your belly because your body has been tipped off that you’re starving it. Your body will think that food is scarce and will stock fat which will ultimately make you fatter. Also, eating less can hold you onto that baby belly fat because it will slow down your metabolism. Make menus with vegetables, fruits, nonfat dairies and lean proteins.  Give the processed foods those good ‘ol jazz hands.

4. Drink a lot of water

You should drink plenty of water throughout the day. Even more so if you are breastfeeding. You need to keep your body hydrated because water helps with skin elasticity, weight loss and general health. Drinking will also reduce hunger. If you are craving biscuits in the middle of the afternoon, drink some water (or tea) and the hunger will pass.

5. Take it slow

You carried a baby for nine whole months. Your body has gone through extreme changes and it will need time to re-adjust. Even more so if you had a c-section. Don’t set goals that are too extreme. I know you saw your favourite star lose all the baby weight in five seconds, but remember they have a full team of people helping them get the weight off. You will either damage your body or be put off from exercising. Take it slow. Start with a slow and short run and then increase duration and pace when you feel like it. Exercising thirty minutes a day is more than enough. It just needs to be consistent. Small goals added up lead to great achievements.

We hope these tips will help you tone your body, lose your baby belly fat and feel amazing. If not, then you could always just embrace that SVBC. Whatever you choose, make sure you do the thing that makes you feel the happiest. Go you

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