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The holiday season is upon us. While some families will stay at home, others will travel to other cities to celebrate with relatives. And because it is the most convenient means of transport, you will probably take your car. Suitcases and presents will be all in the boot while everyone is in their designated seat.

The driver drives, the passenger co-pilots and the kids…well the kids yell, cry, laugh, make noises. Clearly, they make this journey like hell. Driving requires focus and focus requires silence. So how do you make it a pleasant journey for everyone?

By keeping the kids busy.

And giving them an opportunity to use that energy they have in unlimited quantity!

1. Books or coloring books
Providing everyone with books is the best way to keep the car quiet for a really long time. No music, no talking, just breathing. If the books are captivating enough, they’ll be reading for the whole journey. While they will make their imagination work, you will enjoy a quiet and relaxing journey to wherever you are going. If your kids are younger, coloring books will do just as well.

2. Movies and DVDs
A lot of cars now come equipped for long journeys with DVD players. Whether or not you hate technology, you have to admit that in-car dvd players are pretty convenient. Two movies should do for a five hours journey. For sure, you will hear music, dialogues and you will wonder what is going on (because yes, the dvd players are on the back of the driver and passenger’s seats so you can’t watch the movies) but you won’t be hearing fighting or yelling from your kids. A less quiet journey but still a rather relaxing one.

3. Break every 2 hours
Kids are like long-lasting batteries. They have a lot of energy and will definitely not be spending it if seated in a car. Give them the opportunity to use that energy. Stop every two hours at a gas station, have them run around, have a go in the playground. Anything that will tire them a bit and calm them down.

4. Carry treats
Let’s see treats as a sort of bribe. Or a reward. Yes, let’s call treats a reward. If your kids are being naughty in the car, noisy and disobedient, they won’t get any candies or cookies. Make that rule clear from the beginning. And show them what they will miss out on if they are being naughty. Believe us, they will want to get their hands on these treats and will be quiet and nice all journey long!

5. iPads, iPods and other devices
If DVDs and books don’t work, another solution is just to keep them busy with any electronic device you might have. You have been kids once so you must remember. Back when Pokémon was super popular, you’d spend hours and hours playing on your gameboy just trying to complete that Pokédex. Well, the vice might have changed, the rules haven’t. Your kid will be just as focused and dedicated at chasing Pokémon as you were. And be quiet at the same time!

Planning a trip with kids very soon? You now know how to keep them busy and quiet. Yes, you can survive a long journey with toddlers!

Merry Christmas!

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