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“That sounds entirely unfun,” was Vin’s response to our elopement itinerary. If my eyes could possibly roll back further up in my head they’d travel back down to my butt. When your husband to-be responds to all your hard-work with a response that leaves him ready to slap his knee in self-appreciation for that zinger whilst you stare at him in 80’s Oprah, you know it’s time to just sip your tea and get everything ready for your upcoming nuptials.

Typical for us, we decided to pack our suitcases the day of our flight.  At this point, I’m unsure when panic set in.  Whether it was after Vin came into my woman cave and asked me if I planned on “dressing up” for the wedding, or when I realized that I hadn’t pushed the “book now” button on our aircoach tickets up to Dublin. Anyway, someplace, wedged between those spaces, I started to get a bit worried.

Nevertheless this was when I realized that I had sort of blanked out and I was watching Vin’s mouth moving and not actually hearing all the words that were coming out of his mouth. Let’s be real though, I was thinking about all kinds of things. I was thinking about all the things that could go wrong at the Registry Office. I was trying to figure out how I could squeeze myself into my wedding dress without looking like a perfectly grilled sausage stuffed into a delicate pink casing. I was wondering why Vin was telling me that he didn’t want to dress up for our wedding.

Luckily though, everything went according to “plan.” We made it to Malaga and Gibraltar without any issues. And on the day of our wedding after waking myself up shouting from a dream about a rat that I had attempted to stuff inside the mouth of a meerkat that got away (yeah, I know, weird) and somebody, namely my soon-to-be husband snoring next to me, I was worrying again. I was up worried and it was 1 AM.  Not because I was worried about that rat in my dreams that had escaped, but because I was just, I don’t know…maybe I was excited?  Maybe I was just ready for our lives to begin together. But I think that our life had already begun. Anyway, I don’t know why people use that expression.

But honestly I was more worried about whether I was going to fit into the dress that I had bought. I still had the pooch, and I didn’t really want to look like that sausage I was talking about. I did bring my black off the shoulder dress though. But could I really wear black to my own wedding? And if I was the bride, shouldn’t I wear a colour that looked less like I was mourning the birth of a new chapter in our lives, and more like I was happy?

But practicality solved my woes again.That pooch was the deciding factor. It was the black dress that won out. When I looked in the mirror and saw Vin’s expression when I came out of the bathroom, I knew I had made the right decision.

I guess Lagerfeld was right when he said, “One is never over or underdressed with a little black dress.”

(Vin and his celebratory cigar.)

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