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Yes, you read that right.  There are tons of weird people out there that don’t like super normal foods or drinks. You might find one of your aversions on this list.  It’s OK. I’ll, virtually, hold your hand through this very “through the looking glass” feeling.


This one tops the list for those that are not allergic to it but just want to be that one person who would rather sauté their water with urine than just be normal and drink it.

Who doesn’t like milk?

Seriously, it’s not like anyone’s asking you to pop a teat in your mouth and drink human milk.  It’s cow’s milk.  Everyone likes it.  Even kittens, and who doesn’t like kittens?

Maybe the same people that don’t like milk?


It could be the sweet smell coupled with that sour taste that leaves you checking the expiration date on the squeeze bottle.

Yes, there are real people that think mayo, aka “the chicken of the sauces,” is disgusting.

These people cannot be helped and should only be shunned by society.

Peanut butter

OK, I’m going to say it, but peanut butter is vile.  It’s thick and smells like, yuck, peanuts!  Who was the person that invented this grotesque display of pure human blah-ness? I want names, now!

Seafood (All of it)

“Imagine you’re drowning in the ocean, and all you’ve got is salt water rushing up your nose and in your mouth. That’s how I feel when I’m eating seafood.” This is what one of my friends said to me when I questioned why she didn’t like seafood. Now, I did wonder how eating seafood was equivalent to the pain and fear of drowning, but, hey, who am I to understand that weirdo.

American Pancakes

Is it the thickness?  Or is it the fact that the grandmother of a childhood friend fed us them morning, day and night for two weeks, because she thought that the batter would go to waste?

Whatever it is, I’ll gag.

When my mother suggested we eat at IHOP one day, I asked her if she’d also be happy with smothering them with peanut butter and then taking a baseball bat to my knees.

My mother wore her concern for my mental well-being heavily that day.


Vin, hates cheese.  You might be reading this asking yourself how I could be married to such a degenerate, but I am and despite his obvious shortcomings (not liking cheese, or cold food), I love and accept him.

I need you to understand something.  As someone who would, if she could, subsist on a diet of mozzarella, tiramisu, oysters, iced tea, and vodka (in that exact order), this has been one of the hardest challenges we face as a couple.

I would be more accepting if he was allergic, but he actually had the cheek to say that he hates cheese.

Can we work through this?


When I think of applesauce, I feel like it should only be fed to people through a tube.  I don’t really understand the point of applesauce.  Like, why do that to a perfectly good apple, unless you’re missing teeth? But again, who am I to understand or question what people do willingly to unsuspecting fruit.

What are some foods or drinks that you don’t like?  Share your story.  We promise to only judge you behind the anonymity of our computer screens.

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