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I’m addicted to sugar.  I love refined sugars or just about anything sweet enough to be horrible for me.  I’m not at the point where I’d buy it illegally in some bathroom stall, but I’m pretty damn close to that point.

My sugar addiction has me knocking on the diabetic door and since almost everyone in my family has the disease, I was always destined to get it.  But I’ve decided that now is the time to turn that around.  I’m doing it for V, Vin, Mr. Pigeon and Eva Purron.  It’s time that I get off the sweet train at the next stop.

So how am I doing it?  Well, I’m first giving out to Vin every time he makes a cake or cheesecake.  Second, I’m filling my boss (aka belly) with water, and spinach salads.  I’m also starting a workout routine.

The next few posts will be about how my trek through the wilderness of lollipops, cheesecakes, and milk chocolate chip cookies (I can’t have dark chocolate because it induces fits of uncontrollable sneezing), and my overall goal to be the healthiest me is going.

Stay tuned for week 1, starting next week because I’m currently eating a chocolate chip cookie.

Vin made this cheesecake from scratch. Now you all understand my struggle.











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