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Valentine’s Day is quite an interesting day. Many couples celebrate it, many couples don’t. Friends celebrate it too. Ever heard of Galentine’s Day? Around that time of the year, our mail box is filled with emails: gift guides, where to go, where to eat, etc. The industry knows how hard finding the perfect present is. Thus, it wants to help you as much as it can. There is something the industry does not know though.

That most of the time, we don’t want candles, chocolate, lingerie or a dinner out. I mean, we do. Kinda. These are always nice. But there are other things that all women want on Valentine’s Day, and on any other day of the year!

Don’t know what to give her this Valentine’s Day? Not to worry, Fée Marraine is here to help!


Time is a gift. Intangible. Fleeting. It’s something that women don’t have in big quantities. For themselves that is. We all have such busy lives: work, kids, marriage, hobbies, etc. We have so much to handle at the same time that even multitasking does not do the trick. Don’t expect everything to be done immediately. Don’t even ask for anything to be served on a plate. Don’t be pushy. Women tend to keep things to themselves, even if on the verge of breakdown. See the signs or make sure they never appear. Make sure she has time for herself. To read, to relax, to run, to watch a show, to see her friends, to reboot. How you do it is up to you. Want a hint? Jump to point three!

2. Space

I am sure your partner loves your company. I am also sure she values her independence. Sometimes what she really needs is a little time to herself — without the kids, and yes, even without her hubby. She will appreciate you being aware of her feelings, and recognizing that some alone time is needed. Offer to take care of things while she has some personal time. Going back to what was said just before!

3. Help

It has long since been established that women should have fulfilling careers. This is coupled with antiquated social norms that say that we also need to care for house and home.  But the thing is, whether she works full-time, part-time or stays at home, she is already pretty busy.  Be a cool partner, offer to help. Sharing the chores will make her happier, more relaxed, will show commitment and that she is not alone in this, and so many other things. And you know what? BONUS! She will have more time to spend with you, in bed if you can make that tiramisu from scratch too!

4. Attention

How often throughout the day do you let your wife know she’s on your mind? A quick call at lunch, a text message in the afternoon or even a special delivery will let her know you’re thinking about her. If you are too busy at work to think about it, set an alarm! Giving her attention also means paying attention and knowing what she likes. Show her that you know all the things that she loves. Whether it is the crust on the pizza, that specific wine you had in Italy or that TV show! She will appreciate it!

5. Love

As cliché as it sounds, loving her and telling her is just as important as anything else. Not that she will forget but a little reminder always pleases the heart! Saying “I love you” usually does the trick but if you want to buy her a little something, feel free to do that as well. You can also compliment her, show her you trust her, uplift her, give her a massage. So many different ways to do it.

So, do you now know what to give her for Valentine’s Day? This guide is pretty extensive, isn’t it?! Of course, it works for any time of the year and we encourage you to remember that.

Same with the 8th of March. Celebrating women is amazing. Celebrating them everyday is even better!

Just saying.

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