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I’ve not posted in a while so I scheduled time to sit down today and post about why I’ve been MIA.

As you can see, we’ve changed our website, which, if not for my stellar web designer (I call him my “Designer Designer), my hair would’ve fallen out completely, and been on the ground, soaked in my tears.  He’s been amazing throughout the whole process.  He and I met, well, actually we’ve never met in person, but we “met” in the normal usage of the word these days, on a freelancer site, when I was looking for someone to do my logo. I was on a forum, giving out about a scam artist that I had contracted to do my logo, when my Designer Designer contacted me and offered to do my logo for free.  He did such an amazing job, that I asked him to do my first website, and we’ve been in each other’s lives ever since.

He’s so in-tune with my likes and dislikes, that I don’t even need to give feedback. He always asks me for some, but I literally have no critiques to give. It’s almost like we are twins separated at birth.  He’s truly a “brother from another mother.”

I digressed (per usual).  Anyway, my time spent away from writing blog posts, was also filled with me planning me and Vin’s anniversary party, trying to get in shape and lose a few pounds, attempting to stay away from sugar, and designing, sewing and photographing new additions.  All of the above-mentioned work, unfortunately isn’t complete, but I love this type of busy.

Oops, I also forgot that I filled orders for my gorgeous customers and liaised with influencers and collaborators to further get the FMB brand (and no, that’s not an acronym for “f*ck me boots.”) to centre stage. Click here and check out our latest collaborator’s review of our brand.

Stay tuned for more blog posts (about my diet fails, unfortunately) and the new additions to the line.

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