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I’ve always loved writing.  I’ve always loved telling some cool tale and being a wordsmith. That’s why I have five degrees.  Yes, I’ve got five degrees, and they’ve been as useful to me as a cat’s ass attached to my belly button.  I’d suggest forgoing anything above a bachelor’s.

What was I talking about?  Oh yeah, writing!  Writing a thesis, or a #winning “f*ck you, I’m quitting” letter to my narcissistic boss, are completely different than writing a weekly blog.  First of all, you need to do your research.  Now, I’m used to research, but what I’m not used to is researching weekly, a different topic and writing it out before my self-imposed deadline.

I’m trying to create time between designing clothing; scoping out destinations around the city for shoots; taking photos; editing those photos; taking care of my family; acting as the failing social media marketer for my brand; and sourcing my local fabric stores for nothing short of A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, baller-esque (yep, you bet I just used a 90s term.  Fight me.) fabric for my dresses that I make, with these hands, for my lovely customers.

That’s why this sitting down, with my Eva Purrron (if you don’t get it, then I can’t help you), writing some amazing blog post, or a post over 2000 characters, is akin to pulling my eyelashes out with a tweezer, slowly…really slowly.

Truth be told, if you ever send me an email with over 400 words, I’ll delete it. I’m truly a Twriter – you know, a person that has to get their information in bursts of 280 characters? Well, that’s me.  This is why keeping on top of writing a weekly blog post is such a challenge that is almost insurmountable for me.

Tell me how you make time to be a blogger as an über busy womanpreneur?

Word count 306. The End.

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