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About Me

When I was a little girl, I dreamed of being a fashion designer. I was lucky enough to be born to pretty tall parents, which meant that at the age of 10, I was already 5’10 (1,80m). After my 13th birthday, I was signed to Elite Model Management, in Los Angeles.

Yet even after all that, my mother was still hell-bent on me doing something that I could make a living at, and to her, I wouldn’t be able to make any money as a fashion designer. Those dreams were tucked away, next to my Italian Vogue under my bed, and I did the work needed to become a lawyer.

To say that the law suited me would be the biggest lie ever told. I hated every minute of my legal career, and it wasn’t until I had my daughter, V, that I made plans to finally do what it was that I had always wanted to do: design clothing.

So what did I do after I made the choice to change careers? I did what most people do: I sat on the idea for a few years. During those years I made a lot of changes. I moved from San Francisco, to Seattle, back down to SF again. I also packed up my, then 2 year old, and I bought us one-way flights to Berlin, Germany. There’s another Berlin in the US, but I can guarantee that it’s not as fun and crazy as the German version. But I digress. We moved to Berlin, and I learned the language to an intermediate level all by studying Duolingo every day, and speaking to senior citizens. Younger people didn’t have time to listen to me trip over conjugation and pronunciation.

​Fast forward to Valentina today, and I live in Ireland with my husband, Vin, who I met online, on OKC, and we married within 2 months of meeting (When you know, you just know). Now I live here with my beautiful V and perfect husband, Vin, and I couldn’t be happier. Or at least, I didn’t think so, until Vin convinced me to dust off my dream of being a fashion designer.

​That is how Fée Marraine Boutique was finally born. I used the business skills that I learned at law school, coupled them with my time as a model, my recent status update to “kick ass mother,” and my need to create beautiful postnatal (and beyond) clothing that are functional and stunning.

​Everything is handmade, by me, here in Ireland and my goal is to make clothing for women that I myself would wear and had a hard time finding after having V.

​Don’t forget: You’re a mother and you deserve to be pampered. Let us here at Fée Marraine Boutique pamper you


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